Electric NHK Water Heater Tap

Instant NHK Water Heater Faucet  Model: SC30H33X

Product Feature and Function :

  1.  Low-pressure start design to meet the low pressure areas.
  2. Using Ceramic Cartridge Struction long service life.
  3. Long service life of heating tube. Waterproof scale design. Withstand pressure voltage over 1500v.
  4. Hydropower double isolation Built in water proof electric wall and Leakage protection design to ensure safe use. (Note: Some Model have no leakage protection configuration).
  5. Induction starting with flow sensor prevent automatic starting of machine due to freeze (Part model is started with water pressure switch).
  6. Built in Thermal protection triple protection to prevent dry burning of heating body.
  7. Built in safety relief plug to prevent the machine from the internal pressure is too large to cause explosion and other dangerous situations.
  8. Built-in LED temperature display. Can dynamically display the current water temperature. `
  9. Easy installation and removed. Apply to the market more than 99% of the basin can chose surface and concealed two ways installation.
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