GSM FWP allows users access to voice communications on GSM mobile phone network with a SIM card, Our GSM FWP combines simplicity with advanced features.

GSM FWP enables instant telephone access to various applications like providing a landline alternative for remote areas, ship, Vehicles, construction oil & mining companies, exhibitions, disaster recovery service for any temporary site.


Immediate primary telephone access | Short messages Services (SMS) | FM Radio | Graphic LCD with back light.

Application Areas:

Business Houses with multiple locations | Banks | Telecom Service providers | New Agencies | Broadcasting Companies | Event management organizations | Law enforcement agencies | Community Phones | Domestic Applications |

Instant Connection Inside of this phone:

FM Radio Support | LI-ION BATTERY | GSM Quadband | Dual Sim or Optional | Memory card support | Caller-Line Identification | Graphic LCD with Back Light | Integrated Antenna or TNC Antenna optional | Multi-Language Selection support | Voice Record Support.

Suitable for all GSM network.

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